High Tower Tarot

King Gaia

High Tower Tarot is King Gaia’s official Tarot expert mentorship (online tarot school) focused on self-mastery, energy leadership, and real-life integration of Tarot sacred wisdom for spiritual growth.

Learning and mastering tarot requires devotion, practice, trust, and deep exploration. We go way beyond the “book-meaning” of cards. We see Tarot as a map of consciousness, sharing energy and information different from what stems from logic or reasoning.  And very often this connection to the source and our higher selves goes beyond human comprehension.

You are invited to join King Gaia as she explores and dissects the complexity and divinity of our human condition thru the powerful magic and mystery of tarot.  Her extensive shadow work expertise brings to the table the collective unconscious vs collective consciousness duality for deep and rich light vs shadow selves’ perspectives.

This one-of-a-kind coach-guided mentorship features an in-depth Arcana study sequence (entire deck, card-by-card rotation) and real-life integration energy leadership life coaching sessions.

High Tower Tarot aims to help empower and elevate the magic, authenticity, and power of your spiritual gifts:

  • ·Awaken, ignite, and/or deepen your connection to Tarot’s wisdom and power.
  • Strengthen or solidify your technical and intuitive tarot skills and reading competency.
  • Connect to sacred universal wisdom for self-discovery, self-mastery, and purpose alignment.
  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of energy and energy flow and how to make powerful universal forces work to your manifesting advantage in all aspects of your life.
  • Navigate life with clarity, positivity, and confidence.

All of it for as long as you want, under a no-strings-attached month-to-month membership you can cancel anytime you feel ready, self-empowered, and confident about your technical and intuitive tarot skills. 

♥ Thank you for your interest!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Tarot?

Tarot is an intuitive development tool and divination system for ignition, illumination, inspiration, and validation of what we already know and feel true to our hearts. Despite its occult nature, it’s an instrument of love, light, self-empowerment, and enlightenment that can give us clarity, peace of mind, and a winning edge. Card by card tarot illustrates divine storytelling of the intricacy of life and our personal evolution as we navigate our human condition. King Gaia's unique visionary Tarot curriculum focuses on leveraging tarot's magic and power for...

  • Self-realization and personal growth
  • Cultivating self-awareness, self-love, and nurturing relationships
  • Healing and shadow work
  • Visualizing, attracting, and manifesting
  • Activating and establishing your personal leadership

What’s the meaning of the name "High Tower"?  High Tower is a crown chakra and a Limitless-Self reference, and a representation of our connection to all that is.

What are the ongoing membership deliverables?

  • Weekly in-depth Arcana lecture + case study spread hands-on layout practice.
  • Unlimited access to Vault's archives

What's inside King's vault? King Gaia's vault holds timeless treasures: real-life integration sessions, extended forecasts, divinely-timed collective messages, and unique pick-a-card readings! [View Vault's Log]

  • Extended Forecasts and Top Predictions
  • Authentic Self Cultivation
  • Love and Relationship
  • Money and Career
  • 18+ Tantric
This product is not currently for sale.
$44 a month

High Tower Tarot