How to Illuminate Your Path to Self-Mastery (Mega Spread)

King Gaia

This High Tower Tarot in-depth Mega Spread brings you a spirit-guided self-mastery strategy unique to your highest vibrational state. You will gain insight into self-awareness, self-love, self-care, self-leadership, how to show up for yourself, how to embrace your divinity, and how to prioritize purpose fulfillment.

This is a timeless, timely, and urgent message on where to focus your energy, and how to manifest your dreams and goals by following your true north on the path of least resistance. This powerful life-changing message reveals a serious collective urgency and 3 individualized path-specific 16-card spreads.

King Gaia unfolds and delivers this message in a very relaxed and easy-to-follow tarot reading, illustrating real-life scenarios and possibilities. You’ll understand how to activate your light and rightfully sit on your sacred pillared throne.

What’s ultimate outcome? Illuminating your path to self-mastery (of course!) empowered with a clear authentic and purpose-aligned strategy to get or stay on the right track.

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  • The Illumina Mega Spread

  • The Illumina Mega Spread
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How to Illuminate Your Path to Self-Mastery (Mega Spread)

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