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High Tower Tarot

King Gaia

You are invited to join King Gaia as she explores and dissects the complexity and divinity of our human condition thru the powerful magic and mystery of tarot. 

This one-of-a-kind intuitive Tarot mentorship presents the opportunity to hone your tarot skills, solidify your reading competency, deepen your connection to its power and integrate its wisdom as part of your spiritual development blueprint. 

What's on the table?

  1. Extended forecasts featuring path specific's real-life integration sessions.
  2. In-depth Arcana study (Entire deck, card by card rotation)
  3. Powerful easy-to-follow energy leadership life coaching curriculum.

All of it under a no-strings-attached month-to-month membership you can cancel anytime you feel ready, self-empowered, and confident in both your technical and intuitive skills.

Our Tarot tribe is for those seeking further awakening and personal growth. Learn how to interpret, validate and integrate sacred tarot wisdom into day-to-day real-life. And above all, how to embrace your authenticity in your pursuit of self-mastery.

Why Tarot?

Tarot is an intuitive development tool and divination system for ignition, illumination, inspiration, and validation of what we already know and feel true to our hearts. Despite its occult nature, it’s an instrument of love, light, and enlightenment that can give us clarity, peace of mind, and a winning edge.

Card by card tarot illustrates divine storytelling of the intricacy of life and our personal evolution as we navigate our human condition. Its further study and application will contribute to...

  • Navigating life with clarity and confidence.
  • Understanding influential energies, how to flow thru challenges, and avoid potential negativity.
  • Identifying blessings and opportunities for healing and growth.
  • Deepening our shadow work, by presenting snapshots of potential hidden feelings, overlooked emotions, lower vibrations, or mindset blindspots. 
  • Learning how to make powerful universal forces work to our advantage in all aspects of your life.

King Gaia's unique visionary Tarot curriculum focuses on leveraging tarot's magic and power for...

  • Practicing self-awareness and spiritual growth
  • Cultivating self-love and nurturing relationships
  • Healing and shadow work
  • Manifesting
  • Activating personal leadership
  • ▲ Monthly Deliverables

  • Weekly Arcana In-depth Tutorial
    $33ea ($132 value)
  • Monthly Energy Leadership Coaching Session
    $111 value
  • Monthly Extended Forecast Real Life Integration Session
    $88 value
  • You get $300+ worth of training and self-empowerment sessions for just $55/mo.
    ♥ Join us today!
  • ▲ Monthly Deliverables
  • Weekly Arcana In-depth Tutorial$33ea ($132 value)
  • Monthly Energy Leadership Coaching Session$111 value
  • Monthly Extended Forecast Real Life Integration Session$88 value
  • You get $300+ worth of training and self-empowerment sessions for just $55/mo.♥ Join us today!


High Tower Tarot

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